Capt. Wesley Reid

Wesley relentlessly balances flying, fitness and family, adding value wherever possible to help people, organisations and humanity. He’s flown fixed wing aircraft for 20 years – big and small, old and new – in flight training, border security, search and rescue, airline and corporate operations. Like┬ámost Australians, Wesley has been involved in sports all his life. He comes from a strength training background and regularly competes in running and Spartan competitions, both locally and overseas.

Combining his lifetime passion for fitness, his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit in running small businesses and his desire to create backup career options, Wesley created ‘The HIT Room’ with his wife in 2013. After recruiting three-thousand members, a dozen staff and running a seven-days-a-week training schedule, Wesley successfully sold the business to focus on his Master’s degree, helicopter licence and growing family, whilst moving towards management roles to create extra career capital.

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