Capt. Jason Richardson

Capt. Jason Richardson

Fighter Pilot, Airline Pilot and Founder, Richardson HPS

At the age of 17, Jason Richardson boarded a bus in his small home town, waved goodbye to his parents, and began a 15 year adventure in the Royal Australian Air Force.

He was privileged to work in units where the team was ‘all in’ – totally committed to the organisation and its goals. The energy this engagement produced was palpable and resulted in the motivation and successes which characterise Australian fighter squadrons; teams who are in a perpetual search for excellence.

Watching and learning from his mentors and commanders, Jason developed his own leadership style, and became a keen student of human behaviour; What drives us to succeed? Why are some teams fully committed to their organization? What ultimately provides us fulfilment and happiness?

In 2019, Jason founded Richardson HPS to share what he has learnt; to help other organisations become truly exceptional workplaces through strength of culture, operational excellence and exemplary leadership.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), and an Advanced Diploma in Personnel and Operations Management. He is a Royal Australian Air Force Qualified Flying Instructor and Flying Safety Officer, and commands Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft for a major international airline in Hong Kong.

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